About Mtech - Music Tech For Schools

About M:Tech

M:Tech was founded in 2007 to offer an out-of-the-box music composition course for schools using the latest computer technologies. By using a modular approach that features a series of media-based projects, M:Tech provides a unique and exciting opportunity for children to experience creative music composition.

Seven years on we are proud to be teaching over 1000 students on a weekly basis in partnership with 45 schools.

We aim to continue making a positive impact on prep and junior school (KS2) music by ensuring the latest music technology is freely available to all music departments, and that in due course it becomes as accessible to children as traditional musical instruments.

This commitment to innovative and inspiring tuition has led to expanded horizons, including a 2012 launch in South Africa where M:Tech now works in partnership with 7 partner schools, predominantly in the Cape Town area.

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