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Case Studies

Cranleigh Prep School is a proud supporter of M:Tech and its ability to encourage children to explore composition creatively.

M:Tech appeals to a wide variety of pupils because the projects are achievable and well structured yet also allow plenty of freedom of personal expression. Those who want to extend their compositional scope enjoy having more time for music and the introduction of theoretical knowledge helps to consolidate learning from other musical areas.

M:Tech has become a valued part of our music department programme and links beautifully with the syllabus that senior children go on to study at Cranleigh School.

Catherine Beddison
Director of Music, Cranleigh Prep

M:Tech has operated here at Thomas’s Battersea for the past two years. Since the first assembly demonstration it has grabbed the imagination of all pupils. The children relish the challenge of composing their own music on specially prepared programmes by the M:Tech team.

One thing that has stuck out for me is how M:Tech has managed to attract children who haven’t always been engaged in the traditional ways of music making and it has been a pleasure to see them excited and enthused about their music making. The end of each term Gold Disc Awards have become a final assembly highlight.

John Haythornthwaite
Director of Music, Thomas's Battersea

It is a joy to watch and hear our boys participate in an M:Tech session, so much so that I often wish I could join in! Within a clear, often extremely exciting brief the boys’ musical and creative imaginations are allowed to run riot!

The tracks they create have the most wonderful and intricate thematic ideas and structures and the boys are clearly extremely proud of the quality of their work. I particularly like the fact that participating in an M:Tech session provides a level playing field “ musically. Their compositional achievements are only limited by their imagination and not by any particular instrumental skill, and yet every boy learns about the elements of music, about sound, texture and structure through simply taking part.

Sian Ford
Director of Music, Lanesborough School